Daniel Tomkinson is a top-rated Derbyshire Trusted Trader offering installation of new systems and repair of existing ones in Glossop, Buxton, Bakewell, Matlock, Whaley Bridge, Disley, Chapel, Hayfield, Birch Vale, Furness Vale, Chinley and Buxworth.

Our knowledge of local areas is key to providing the very best service, because unlike national franchised fitters, we know how to locate equipment to receive the strongest signals and the greatest number of channels.

Satellite and terrestrial signals across Derbyshire can be patchy and difficult to locate, but our experience of working in rural areas means we are best placed to overcome such problems.

We also have extensive experience of working in difficult locations and on special projects, such as listed buildings and sites where equipment such as dishes has to be concealed. Please contact us to arrange a site visit with no obligation, and at no charge.