Example Installations

Corner mounted television
TVs mounted in corners save space and are ideal for smaller bedrooms
Wall mounted flat screen TV
High ceilings mean TVs can be mounted well out of the way to save space
TV concealed in wall unit
Fitted wardrobes allow flat-screen televisions to be concealed inside a suitable unit
TV with two glass shelves beneath
Shelving can be installed under a wall-mounted TV for receivers, DVD players etc.
Tall external aerial
Aerials mounted on high poles mean radio and Freeview reception can be vastly improved
Satellite dish on external wall
Satellite dishes can be sensitively located, eg. high up on walls, to minimise their appearance
Wall-mounted TV bracket
Quality-made wall brackets and reliable fittings mean peace of mind
Close-up of socket for wall-mounted TV
Electrical sockets can be installed precisely where needed to avoid unsightly cables
Trunking concealing cables to a wall-mounted TV
Trunking disguises installation cables if the sockets are located away
Disguised trunking for TV
Cables can be run from the bottom or the top of a room inside discreet trunking