New Installations

Daniel Tomkinson can supply and fit aerials, antennas and satellite dishes to suit all kinds of requirements, in both domestic and commercial situations. For example, areas which suffer from weak signals or an obscured line of sight from the local transmitter can benefit from high-gain aerials.

Alternatively, or additionally, masthead amplifiers can boost the incoming signal and improve the television picture. We use Horizon signal meters to fine-tune the alignment needed to get the very best results from aerials and satellite dishes.

We can also fit AV (audio visual) equipment inside properties, from flat-screen televisions to full wall-mounted installations and video projectors. We are accredited by Sky and because we are independent of their fitters, we are able to undertake work they cannot.

If you have had a Sky engineer visit and been told they cannot help, call Daniel Tomkinson and we will arrange to visit your home or business premises to offer free, friendly advice. There is a very good chance we can still achieve what you are looking for, even if Sky have said they cannot help.

European systems are a particular speciality, with recent installations being made to pick up French, German and Italian channels. Typically these need a larger dish, 60cm or 80cm, but their size does not prevent us installing them in the most discreet manner possible.

We can fit full Cat 5 and Cat 6 cabling for both commercial and residential uses, such as for HD video streaming and high-level gaming. Cabling is also a reliable way of overcoming wifi blackspots, particularly in older properties where thick walls may prevent wireless signals from reaching all areas of the building.

Where cabling is not a viable proposition, either on cost or conservation grounds, a series of wifi boosters and extenders can be used instead to eliminate wifi blackspots. Mains transmission units also allow internet connectivity in individual rooms as required. We can supply and fit all of these technologies, or simply supply the equipment for fitting by the homeowner.

As well as suffering poor television reception, rural areas often experience problems with radio too. Our aerial installations can be configured to receive digital (DAB) digital broadcasts and deliver these by cable to any room in the home. Masthead amplifiers can be used to obtain reliable radio signals even in the most difficult locations.

For customers who do not want the financial burden of a Sky subscription, we can supply Humax and Manhattan Plaza receivers to pick up Freeview and Freesat services right across the High Peak. Our extensive local knowledge means we are often able to tune in more than 200 channels, including high definition variants, for no monthly cost whatsoever.

Finally, our installation services are not just limited to bricks-and-mortar buildings – we can fit specially-made dishes and aerials to caravans and holiday homes anywhere in the north-west.

All of our installations can be concealed by channelling cables into walls and making good the chasing-out. Alternatively we can use discreet trunking, for example on stone walls, or for short to medium-term installations in rental properties. We can fit single and double-arm TV brackets for bedrooms or any other situation where a strong, safe, reliable wall-mounting is desired.